FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance should I book a lady?
A: You can make a booking on the same day or as far as 3 weeks beforehand. Same day appointments usually require about an hour notice. However., you may call and check for immediate availability. You can book by email text or by phone. Booking in advance is a good option to be sure of securing a date with the escort girl of your choice at the time most convenient to you.

Q: What payment methods do the escorts accept?
A: Cash is the ONLY form of payment currently accepted.

Q: How are new clients verified?
A: We ask for as little information as possible. Name, number and city of residence. We never ask for address or place of work. We respect your privacy. You will have to show ID when you meet the lady to verify its you and your of age.

Q: Is my information kept on file?
A: NO! We do not keep records . There is no client list. We shred your information after the appointment. If you are a repeat client, please do not be offended if we continue to ask who you are each time you call.

Q: Can I book an appointment for my friend?
A: Since this is adult entertainment, we need to speak directly to the client being serviced.

Q: After meeting my date, may I extend my time?
A: Yes, if the time is available. We recommend notifying us at the time of booking if you may want more time.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel?
A: We understand that things happen. Canceling too close to an appointment time or canceling multiple times can result in being blacklisted. There is also a cancellation fee of $75

Q: Can I speak to the lady before or after my appointment?
A: Please respect that the lady chose an agency to be responsible for their bookings. We would be happy to forward any desires to the lady before the appointment.

Q: Help! My question isn’t answered here!
A: Not a problem: we’re committed to the highest possible level of customer service. Contact Us and we’ll do our best to answer your question!

Escort Agency Disclaimer

All services offered on this website, and all prices negotiated between Discreet Desires and/or our individual escorts and you are strictly for the time and companionship of our escorts. These services and prices are not to be construed as offering any kind of sexual activity, nor is any portion of the payment accepted for that purpose. You agree by booking an escort with us that you are only purchasing the time and good company of the escort you choose. Our escorts are independent contractors and not employees of Discreet Desires, which serves solely as a booking agent. This means that our business relationship with you ends when the escort arrives for your booking.